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Wireless Key Card Reader

The new ILLUMRA wireless Key Card Reader automates hotel room energy conservation by disabling HVAC and lighting in unoccupied rooms. The device installs in minutes without wires or batteries, minimizing installation, clean-up and downtime costs.

ILLUMRA’s Key Card Reader generates its own power when a key card is inserted or removed, converting the motion into wireless control signals. The device, ideal in hospitality applications, can use standard or customized key cards to control energy usage in a hotel room. The reader transmits signals to ILLUMRA receivers attached to appliances and lights, activating them when a card is inserted and deactivating them when a card is removed. 

The ILLUMRA Key Card Reader has an organic, ergonomic design that compliments the room style and is simple to operate. The Key Card Reader features a screw-less cover and supports standard magnetic-strip and Ving type cards.

Range 50-150 feet (typical)  
Frequency 315 MHz  
Power Supply Self-generated when key card is inserted/removed  
Card Slot 1 (card IN, card OUT)
7 customizable versions supported
Dimensions 3.05 (W) x 4.65 (H) x 1.04 (D) inches
77.4 (W) x 118 (H) x 26.6 mm (h)
Recommended Card Size (Cards not included) 2.125" (W) x 3" (L)
54 mm (W) x 76 mm (L)
(standard credit card size)
Operating Temperature -13° to +149°F (- 25 ° to + 65°C)  
Radio Certifications FCC (U.S.), IC (Canada)  
Addressing Factory set unique ID (1 of 4 billion)